Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.
M. L. King Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)


For starters

The reason why I'm writing today? Why I now have a blog?

I feel like I need to explain the heart of this blog, but it won't happen today.

Today, I have a bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

What's to keep me moving forward? Why do I wake up tomorrow, wide eyed and ready to spring into a full day's work? Why will I take stretch every minute, turn every encounter into something positive and meaningful?

Why will I spend another day fighting?

Well, for starters, because you know that it's right. Because you understand that Barack Obama can guide this country, and bring it to knew heights.

Because you know that Barack can bring this community together. Bring Milwaukee together.

I fight for Kerry Williams, I fight for Neil McKeown. I fight to balance the injustices of our time.

I fight to end poverty, greed, and arrogance.

I fight for Rory Linnane, and for Colleen Monahan.

I fight for our freedoms, for our commitment to truth.

I fight for Patrick Taylor and Alex Kondrad.

I fight so that each one of us can live like Nik Nadolski.

I will own my creed, to return my gifts back onto the world.

And that is why I will not lose focus. Every moment wasted is opportunity squandered. These are not times to squander opportunity.

I will fight for the UAW, for the Delphi workers, and the South Milwaukee firefighters. I will fight for those made incapable of fighting for themselves.

I will fight because I know the power of organizing, and because the price of failure is too great.

I will fight for Barack, but only because that means fighting for us.

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Nik Nadolski said...

I almost fell out my chair when I got to this part...

"I fight so that each one of us can live like Nik Nadolski."