Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.
M. L. King Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)



I'm really frustrated with some of the people that I grew up with.

I've always thought that I was the weakest among us. Was I wrong?

Or was I the only one to leave high school with a vision that extended beyond myself? Can you not see that our society has reached its tipping point?

I realized that this moment was bigger than my insecurities; why didn't you?

Why couldn't I be the leader for you that you were for me? Should I have asked more of you?

Should I have challenged you?


Anonymous said...

Hey Tyler,

That's really cool what you're doing. You're giving up six months of your own time to work for something you believe in. That's cool. You're trying to help the world. I respect that.

But since you're unwilling to name specific things people did to make you so angry, or even be specific about who you're angry with (especially since only a few specific people read these blogs), I'm assuming your pissed off because some people don't care about Obama/political change quite as much as you do.

I can't speak for everyone else, but for myself, I don't care that much about Obama because I don't think he's the most important thing this country needs. Yes, I think he's important. Yes, I'm going to vote for him. Yes, I agree with your faith in Obama to correct some of the problems of this country. I just don't believe in him as much as you do.

The reality is that I'm working just as hard as you. And I have just as good intentions as you do. And everyone else who reads these is probably working as hard as us and has as good intentions as us. The only difference is that everybody believes in different things.

To do what you believe in is a very powerful thing. To try to help others with your own abilities is a very powerful thing. But to do all that and then be pissed off because everyone else doesn't do the same is just immature.

That post was stupid, dude.


Temitope said...

we're all trying. we all have our own ways of doing what we believe is right. and as we're all trying to make progress, the most deconstructive thing you can do is to say that your way is better than ours. to each his own.

Santera said...

Where to begin...

You call a person who watched a shot of redemption slip through the loopholes of a five year battle with an unfading disease a "hobag", yet stand strong behind "Hope."
(My calling out "NObama" sparks your great hypocrisy, and provides me great entertainment. Thanks for the laughs.)

Fighting within an institution that devised "United we stand, divided we fall" is not fighting for truth. It's fighting against.

I award you great respect for doing something that I could never do- neglecting friends and loved ones in the name of a man you'll never know.

You have your change, do you believe it?

The thing that is most amusing to me is the fact that we all love you so much (even though I know you couldn't care any less about me), and you don't appreciate it. I would still do anything for you, but you see us as divided. Societal compartments organize your mind, distracting it from the big picture.

We've all been displaying our pain, our darkest moments, the worst of the hurt, in order to watch change we can see, feel and be.

So sorry that we don't devote time into phone banking and spreading the word. You'll have to forgive our growing unconditional love for one another.

Tony said...

What you are doing is quite remarkable in every sense. You have found the theme and message that is going to guide you, at least for the present. That is something very powerful and can do wonders for not only yourself, but people around you.

The problem I think the others who have replied have with your post is that you are accusing and condemning people who have not found their guide and path through life. Tyler some people never find it. You are lucky. It does not come with age or the fact that we all left high school. It comes once someone finally finds the one thing they can follow. For some it is the love of another. For others it is to create chaos. For some it is to help the impoverished. For others it is be greedy. And it can even be a politician. The thing that will guide a person's life is not always good, and it takes a significant event for a person to find what they are looking for. I know I still have not found what I'm looking for (cough U2 reference cough). It takes a lot of people a long time, and it requires a person to first look inside themselves and delve into their own personality to find what you have found. I think it is perfectly fine to spend your time thinking about yourself for this purpose as long as a person maintains a good balance seeing as that is the only way someone can find the thing that is so special, that you already have. I know I still need to find it. I am confused I have no idea what I am. I constantly think about myself and ask why am I this way? Why do I feel so unfulfilled? Working for Obama fulfills you. I realize everything that is going on around me, but I still have not found what fulfills for the time being I choose to maintain the balance, and I will think about myself as much as I need to.

Nik Nadolski said...

In writing this I am taking a break from writing a massive paper on “Watson’s theories regarding radical behaviorism,” that is due tomorrow I might add. However, I feel that what has come about in regards to the blog entry is, in a sense, intrinsically more pertinent.

I have, over the last two months, remained rather quite regarding what has been going on with those whom “ I grew up with.” I have chosen to spend my time on internal observation and reflection. The contrast between unimaginable beauty and the intense grey that reaches beyond the greatest of possibilities will do that to a person. I have, however, reached a new point in my life where this self-observation has enabled me to reflect my opinions and thoughts on those other than myself. And, with that I digress…

Tyler, I would like you to know that I love you, and appreciate all that you have done for me (whether you know it or not) more than you’ll probably ever know. Cause, well frankly there is a lot that you don’t know, or at least in regards to that.

While roaming the campus of Puget Sound I have met many smokers. While more often than not I was just looking to talk to, I have come to realize more from the culture of “the smokers” than I had ever imagined. It has come to my attention that those who think they know what is the best, what is right, what is the coolest, or the most trendy have come under the assumption that they have seen and done it all, only to have arrived at this so-called “right” ideal. While this may seem like a completely reasonable assumption, as it turns out, it is anything but true. In fact, it is completely the opposite. It is these people who think they know what it right, that have the least vision, experience, and understanding – and in claiming what is right and what is not, limit their view and understanding of the society and world around them. It is as if they were a deer in a headlight who is completely entranced in what they see, or in this case know, only to be completely oblivious to what is going on around them. In claiming what is right they are able to protect themselves from that in which they do no know, what they do not understand, or what the do not want to except. I find it interesting that it is the very people who think they understand it all, who in the end, understand the least.

Tyler, it is with this that I do not think you were wrong in assuming that you were “the weakest among us.” It is easy while searching the world for truth and what is right to get caught up in the insignificant things. However, just because we get caught up in the insignificant things, it does not mean it is the right thing to be focusing on. Furthermore, it is not right to hate on others for continuing on their journey in search of their truth. Others, those whom you grew up with, have chosen, unlike some, to pursue greater understanding of their world and their lives before coming to such harsh and judgmental conclusions. I always thought you were a man who would not stand to see a focus on the superficial issues, as that which has plagued Washington politics. However, I see that I was wrong; as you have chosen focus all your attention, energy, and love on a single skin-deep issue, completely ignoring those who love you, and forgetting about the continuation of your own journey that I can tell you so dearly seek. Tyler, it with this that I will end much as I started; I do not think you were wrong in assuming that you were the weakest among us, however, you are not the esteemed and forbearing man who I thought you once were.